Year Round Elite Training Academy

“A Goal Without A Plan, Is Just a Dream”

Key Player Benefits of the Program

  • Does not conflict with their normal club team training
    (Additional training on top of normal team training/games)
  • This program is NOT affiliated to any clubs or other programs
    (We are not a club team – we provide specific training to help with player development)
  • Constantly training year round
    (Learning/sharpening new skills)
  • New & professional environment
    (Adapt to a new environment)
  • New coach & training
    (Adapt to a new coaching & training style)
  • Training with other players, who are constantly working hard to get better
    (Break out of their shell and compete)
  • The program covers all soccer qualities
    (Step by step into detail with different levels of training)

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Pay Monthly or Pay Weekly at Drop in Price!

Spots are filling up fast so sign up today! $100 deposit gets your spot secured for the year and pays for the first month sessions. My goal is to give you the skills, assessment, and training to advance your game to the next level. That level is now up to you and your commitment! Sign up today!

Monthly dates will be once a week.
Times/Groups/Dates will be out soon.

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“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

After School Soccer Program

“Building Character is our Goooal”

Over the past 3 years, Let’s Kick It has grown to reach more than 15,000 students at over 25 schools in Sacramento County. Our program is on-site and helps kids build character, eat healthy, and enjoy physical activities.


Character Development

As a primary focus of the program, every week
is structured around a core character trait.

Discussion Groups
Students are taught the meaning of each of our
10 core character traits, why they’re important,
and how they apply to their lives.

Observation & Interaction
Coaches closely observe student behavior,
stepping in when teachable moments arise and
participating in activities to motivate and guide students.


Growing a Healthier Future

Nutrition education and support for healthy eating

We believe every child should understand
why nutrition is important for their well-being,
 what constitutes a balanced diet, and
how to make healthy food choices.

Our curriculum introduces students to the importance of
 eating from all five food groups using a variety of hands-on
 activities and providing them with a nutrition education that
 will last a lifetime.


Physical activity is a core
component of living a vibrant
 and healthy life.

Regardless of our student’s playing experience, a combination of our 
coaches encouragement, the
 free and creative platform that soccer provides, and a child’s
high energy level
 creates a perfect environment for developing a student’s desire to maintain an active lifestyle.

Most importantly, numerous studies indicate that physical activity helps to improve academic performance.

Private/Group Training Program

Here at “Let’s Kick It” we only offer the best! Get evaluated by
 professional soccer players and trainers.

Private Training

Looking to: Get more touches on the ball – Get more practice in – Turn your weaknesses into strengths – Increase your chances of making a team- Well you’re in the right place!

Improve The Following:

  • Technique
  • Game awareness
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Heading
  • Attacking and Defending
  • Confidence
  • Playing Your Position
  • Agility and Speed
  • Balance
  • Weak Foot
  • Learn New Skills

*If any of these points are something you need work on, then fill out the questionnaire below to help us prepare for your success.

Goal Keeper Training

Finding a good trainer is hard, especially as a Goal Keeper. That is why we are excited to have one of the best. Our head goal keeping coach, specializes in developing goal keepers of all ages, boys, girls, beginner, professional.

He will improve the following:

  • Reflexes
  • Handling
  • Reaction
  • Technique
  • Communicating with Defenders
  • Distribution
  • Striking the Ball
  • Positioning
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Quick Feet
  • Balance
  • Power

*Calling all goal keepers! Let us help you become the person who saves the game for your team!  Please fill out the questionnaire below to help us better assist you.

Team Training

Let’s Kick It elite coaches provide team training in every age group and different levels.

  • From Rec Teams- Club Teams – Academies Teams – College Teams – Semi-Professional Teams
  • Work on specific team needs (Defending, Attacking, Possession, Set Plays, Etc.)

Ex: Our Elite Coach will come to the time slot you have for your team and run the session. If the coach can’t make it, we’ve got it covered, If the coach is there (sit back and relax or strategize for your next match)

*As a coach or team manager, if this is something you are interested, Please fill out the questionnaire below to help us make your coaching easier or be a great resource for your team.

Camps And Clinics

Click the button below to sign up for our current and future “Let’s Kick It” pro Soccer Camps/Clinics.

At our Camps, we truly care about the youth that sign up to be a part of our family. We believe Quality over Quantity.

The camps, depending on the skill level and camp focus, consists of fundamental or advanced soccer drills that involve footwork, passing, shooting, dribbling, game awareness, positioning, and a mini-game. “Let’s Kick It” pro camps go through everything that a soccer player needs to learn and increase their chances of making it to the next level. Most of all, we do all of these things by having fun, in a positive environment!

At a “Let’s Kick It” camp, alongside Owner Andrew Robles, you might see a familiar face. Andrew Robles, under the A.R x 2Kays family, brings in friends that are former or current United States National Team Members, Major League Soccer, Liga Mex, NASL, USL-Pro, NPSL, PDL, Local Talent, College coaches, and College Athletes. These coaches and players help by either guest speaking, guest appearances, or just giving back to the community and helping out in whatever way they can. You never know who might show up to your next “Let’s Kick It” pro camp!

Private/Group Training Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire below to help us better assist you.