About  Club Deportivo Capital (CDC): 
CDC is a soccer club and more.  We are committed to a soccer culture that promotes skills, development, growth, sportsmanship, and community.  With like minded athletes, families, coaches and administrators, we come together to create an experience that transcends soccer and builds great friendships, memories and opportunity.  

Some of our athletes will become the sports’ greatest; national teams, professionals, college DI – DIII, the sky is the limit.  Others will play, many will compete, but all will have a great time in a great club with lots of fun along the way.

And here’s the real difference.  Too often a youth soccer experience is solely directed to the student athlete.  Forgotten are the families; parents, siblings, grandparents who are essential and offer their support and foundation, abandoned on the sidelines or cast away to the parking lot.  At Club Deportivo Capital we believe families impact the highest success for youth athletes, and CDC will provide the best coaching, the most sincere mentoring, and best facilities.  

Club Deportivo Capital is located at Empire Sports Complex everyone will enjoy our Clubhouse, our Training Facility, our Restaurant, Café, Patio, Walking Paths, play a round of Golf or hit the driving range, or kick around on our family Soccer Goals & Games for all to enjoy.  

Soccer brings us together.  Together we build a community.  We look forward to creating memories, sharing success, and fun along the way!

One more thing… we almost forget that makes CDC awesome… we are open 12 months a year.  So we’re the only club that can play, train, compete or just hang out in the clubhouse (aka party) when others are standing in the rain (literally)!

Mission Statement:
CDC is committed to creating a positive environment for athletes and families to enjoy their journey through sports, competition, sportsmanship and fellowship.  Together we will grow and develop through the strain of competition, ambition to succeed, and opportunities as a community.


Date: June 17, 2019 
Time: 5 pm – 7 pm
 1875 Fair Way, Carson City, NV 89701

Countdown For Our Club Tryouts








“Club Deportivo Capital” and the Great Basin Youth Soccer League encourages all young athletes attending competitive soccer tryouts to actively participate in different Club/Team Academy tryouts so they may fully understand the training program or benefits that individual Teams or Clubs may offer to you. Participating in “Your Soccer Club/Team” tryout DOES NOT register you to play, or binds you to that particular Club or Team. For additional information, please speak to a Club/Team Representative or call the Great Basin Youth Soccer League at (775) 250-8509

Club Board & Admin

President & Current DOC– Andrew Robles

Registrar– Allison Robles

Club Administrator – Marc Radow

Mailing Address – 1885 East Long St, Carson City NV 89706

Will Be Announced Soon!