Our Mission

Let’s Kick It LLC is using the beautiful game of soccer to make a positive impact. Our Professional Training (private, group, clinics and camps) provides both competitive and fun learning environments. The After School Program builds character and encourages an active, healthy lifestyle. And, our 2Kays Effect Donation Program gives soccer equipment to bless those in need.

“Using Soccer to make a positive impact on the youth, just like God used it to make a huge impact on my life.” – Andrew Robles

About Andrew Robles

Growing up in an underprivileged area of Los Angeles with 7 siblings on a single income household posed numerous challenges. However, what helped my family and I remain optimistic and hopeful about the future was the beautiful game of soccer.

The sacrifices my parents and coaches made, so that I could play soccer, inspired me to work hard and never give up on my dreams.

Soccer opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that existed outside the underprivileged neighborhood where I spent my childhood. Without the support and encouragement of my parents and soccer coaches, I would not be where I am today.

Witnessing and experiencing the struggles that plague inner-city families fueled my drive to create a better life for myself and my family. Despite the obstacles I was confronted with, I could always count on soccer to keep a smile on my face. The opportunities it has provided my family and I have been amazing, and I want others to have the same opportunities in their life.

My desire to improve children’s lives inspired me to establish an after-school program to help students develop valuable life skills through mentorships from coaches with a passion for helping the youth in their community.

I would rather have the kids to be at my camps and have fun than to be burdened by the negativity that life throws at them. This also provides them with the opportunity to meet professional athletes and staff who care about them on and off the field.

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